Frontiera Studio has been created by No Man's Land in order to create a place to tell the world through images. It is situated inside Palazzo Sambuca in the Kalsa neighborhood, at the borders of the Arabo-Normanno cultural path, part of the UNESCO heritage.

It is a hangout for photoreporters from all over the world who want to tell their own stories and show their images.
For all the artists who want to experiment new languages. For those who want to be part of the changes in the photographic world or unveil its contradictions. It can't be but Palermo the perfect scenario for this project. Palermo is the city where the flow of time has never mattered, mixing ancient memories and contemporary desires.

“The frontier is that border that once is overcome freedom is reached, the habit is broken, new experiences are faced, new institutions and activities are created”. It is that place where all the outcasts, the mad ones, and those who had different ideal from the society, were sent.
Frederick Turner